Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine to all. Before thinking of becoming sweet on this day, you may want to know the Peanut recall news first. Chocolates containing peanuts that are contaminated with salmonella could still be somewhere else. You might have bought them before and just sitting in your pantry, it could be on sale to some of your local stores or might as well has been imported in your place. The key is to be aware and find out if what you had are in the list of the products being recalled. Thinking of making your partner feel special is good but poisoning or making her ill will be a disaster. I believe ladies prefer flowers instead since most of them are now conscious about their figure.

Try checking on this list > .Remember that the list can still be subject for updates for there are products that are still under investigation.

Watch this video, victim of peanut butter crackers.