Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring break!

We took advantage of the school’s spring break 2 weeks ago by going out to the mall, visiting some parks, playgrounds and even the duck pond or should I say goose pond near our place. I said to myself, wow! We don’t need to go far just to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the nature. Spring is the best season for me. This is where you’ll get to see cherry blossoms, trees in different colors that seem competing with each other of their extraordinary natural beauties. Grass is greener, animals are everywhere. I was able to see some deer passing by our backyard, there’s a rabbit and foxes too. Sometimes, geese, but they are scared to us. There’s one time, we saw a duck with her eggs near the Tennis court of our apartment complex. We’d like to see them closer so we decided to visit their hang-out, the duck pond. To show you how nice it was, here’s a video from our visit. At timestamp starting 8:14, you’ll see how funny Clarence chasing one of the geese.