Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Fun Outing!

Guest post written by Larry Benson

This weekend, my wife and I go a chance to spend some time outside together. We ran some errands like going to the grocery store and purchasing a new pair of MiracleEar hearing aids. However, we also strolled through the park and went down by the water, too...sure, it was a little chilly, but we were bundled up in preparation! It was just really good to be able to get some fresh air and spend some quality time away from the television and away from our new computers.

While we were out, we ran into another retired couple from the other side of town. We ended up talking it up and before you know, we invited them for coffee. While we have a good number of friends in NYC, we donÕt have a whole lot of retired friends to relate to. I suppose most people move out of the hectic city for their retirement. In any case, itÕs always a real pleasure to catch up with this particular couple because they have so much in common with us!