Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wedding Ring – A Symbol of Your Marriage

I’m always proud to show to people that I’m wearing my wedding ring. Though it’s not that expensive on the time I bought it but it surely gives value in my life. And I believe that makes it priceless! Before I get married, the only thing I know about the wedding ring is: it’s a requirement on a wedding to complete the ceremony. I believe that there are lots of good reasons in your mind why this ring is necessary but I have my own version because it is so happen that I’m blessed to wear one. It started when I felt uncomfortable with all the hassle it’s giving me. First, when I’m taking a bath (I wear it all the time even in bathroom), I observed that it always pricks the soap leaving a portion of the soap in it. Second, when I’m giving my kid a bath, he’s sometimes hurt by the ring when I do a rub on him. Third, when my weight is changing, it is either loose or very tight. There is one time, I broke a drinking glass because of my ring, it is when I washed the glass and tried to reach the inner bottom of it with a sponge. These kinds of hassle sometimes made me think of removing it from my finger but I know this might also offend my wife because she’s sensitive when it comes to anything about our relationship. Then I thought of the reason why, of all the people, I was the one who wears this particular ring…, It’s because I received it from my wife, and through that acceptance I should also acknowledge all the things it shall bring to me whether it’s good or bad. I relate the complexity of wearing the ring in my marriage. You might think that the ring is perfect for it is round, gold (platinum to others) and hard. At the beginning, it’s true, but as time goes by, there will be scratches on it. Like in marriage, very ideal in the beginning but you will see the obstacle as you go along with it. I believe, no one will ever say that they have a perfect marriage. Like the portion of soap in the ring, those are the sweaty problems in the real world; the hurt it gives to my kid, that is when he’s being ignored when we’re having a fight; the looseness or tightness of it, that’s when you feel that the boat you're aboarding is either rocky or in smooth sailing… Well, the breaking of the glass, I think it’s just my stupidity, :) no.. kidding aside, that is when you put your marriage in compromise.. or put danger in your relationship. You will know what I mean if I give you a sample wedding vow for the ring, as it goes:
“I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vows we have spoken today, our wedding day.”
For the married couple, please don’t make a joke out of our wedding rings, it symbolizes the promise that we commit with God as our witness.

Bad Luck Chain Letters: In Emails and Bulletins

Why do people keep on sending or posting bad chain letters? It really frustrates me knowing that they still believe in this silly stupid letters. What? Are you guys still in grade school? Some will change the subject into an interesting topic just to trigger readers to open it. I get a lot of these in emails and Friendster’ bulletin. Scaring people that if they don’t send it to a number of people, they will have a bad luck in life, their mother will die, will have a devastating love life or will die sooner as what happened to those who ignored it. Hah! What a joke! I can definitely say that anyone who abide by this prank is surely not in his right mind. Do you really believe in the power of these letters than our Almighty God? And if you pass it on, it somehow means that you want the bad things to happen to others. As what my friend Meanne suggested, why don’t you just send inspirational messages or biblical passages? These will give readers motivations to be at their best rather than ruining their life. Honestly, when I got an email with this bad luck chain, I sometimes give bad words to the sender because he/she kept on spreading this junk. Either the sender is really stupid to believe in this or he is just like a dog that when you say jump, he will jump! I’m 100% sure that the original author of this chain letter is extremely happy with a satanic smile in his face because he can see that his works are in success! Come on, these letters are just made by a senseless human being who doesn’t have things to do but just to breathe to live and spread these useless letters. I will be here to mock those people who will continue this pitiful tradition and ask everyone just to PLEASE STOP THIS WORTHLESS CHAIN LETTER!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

7 weirdness in me..

Actually, it's 7 Wonders inside my head::)
1. How can you grow up a seedless grapes plant if you don’t have the seeds for it?
2. How can the fly manages to stay floating/flying inside the car while it’s running 65 mph? Does it mean the fly has the same speed?
3. Why does a round pizza cased in a square box? And a square pizza does not in a round box?
4. Do fish sleep too? If yes, how?
5. How do chicken pee?
6. If you use all your fingers except the middle finger that is being bent, in pressing the top of your desk, why can’t you raise the ring finger alone?
7. If I circle my right foot clockwise repeatedly, then I draw circles in the air using my right pointer finger counterclockwise repeatedly also. Why is it that my right foot follows the turn of my pointer finger?

These are weird things that I may think are weird but not for others.I know I am weird though others may think I am normal. I think even my friends would think these weird things I posted may not be as weird as it may seem. As I think, maybe these are some of the things I consider weird at the moment. Like it as it is, this is me.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

How I discipline my child..

I started giving my 21 month-old son a timeout when he’s doing something bad (like throwing his food away, hitting my head with a toy). I know that this kind of discipline will make him realize that there’s a limit for everything and anything bad he will commit, there will be a corresponding price. As much as possible we are avoiding to slap or hit him in any part of his body as what I’ve seen most in our old fashioned Philippine culture in raising a child (whacking by belt, hitting by hunger or slipper),which in our defense, we called it “discipline”. You might apply what we’re using in your child because this will not hurt your kids physically but will surely keep them off their limits. This is how it goes, once he did a bad move, I will give him a warning by saying “stop it, or you will go to the corner (or your corner)!” . In one spot of our house (which is a corner in the living room) we designated a place especially for him, boring, no-toys, safe, well-lighted, wide and most of all visible to us. If he didn’t stop despite of my warning, I will put him on that spot and making him familiarize that where he’s standing at is his corner. When he tried to walk or go away, I will carry him and place him back with an authoritative voice of saying “stay there!” :) In our surprise, he really stayed there for as long as we wanted him to stay. He kept on crying but he’s not going away from his corner. We made him believe that he was being ignored but the truth is, at the side of my eyes, I can see his helpless cry. I pity him so much but I’m fighting my emotions for his own good. For toddlers, according to some researches, they can stay one minute per year of age. After 2 minutes, I called him and he immediately go towards me, still crying. I asked him to kiss me and say sorry for what he did was wrong. I tried to explain to him in the best way I can the reason of the punishment. Even though he doesn’t know my words yet (he’s under 2 yrs old), I still told him his faults and about the corner (sometimes, we show him the thing that he used in his bad behavior). For us, it’s a success! From there on, every time that I’m giving the warning, he listens. By the way, we learned this practice from our friends (Maybel and Jeremy) who also have a toddler and from the TV show super nanny. Try it! I believe it’s the best way of discipline. Good luck!!! Remember, every child is God’s gift to us, we should be grateful!

Did I marry the right person?

I did get this from my email and got inspired with his thoughts. I just want to share this with you, married or single, it doesn’t matter as long as you are in a relationship, this one is for you…
During one of our seminars, a woman asked a common question. She said,“How do I knoow if I married the right person?”I noticed that there was a large man sitting next to her so I said, “Itdepends. Is that your husband?”In all seriousness, she answered “How do you know?”Let me answer this question because the chances are good that it’sweighing on your mind.Here’s the answer.
EVERY relationship has a cycle. In the beginning, you fell in love withyour spouse. You anticipated their call, wanted their touch, and likedtheir idiosyncrasies.
Falling in love with your spouse wasn’t hard. In fact, it was acompletely natural and spontaneous experience. You didn’t have to DOanything. That’s why it’s called “falling” in love… because it’shappening TO YOU.
People in love sometimes say, “I was swept off my feet.” Think about the
imagery of that ___expression. It implies that you were just standingthere; doing nothing, and then something came along and happened TO YOU.
Falling is love is easy. It’s a passive and spontaneous experience.But after a few years of marriage, the euphoria of love fades. It’s thenatural cycle of EVERY relationship. Slowly but surely, phone callsbecome a bother (if they come at all), touch is not always welcome (when
it happens), and your spouse’s idiosyncrasies, instead of being cute,drive you nuts.
The symptoms of this stage vary with every relationship, but if youthink about your marriage, you will notice a dramatic difference between
the initial stage when you were in love and a much duller or even angrysubsequent stage.At this point, you and/or your spouse might start asking, “Did I marrythe right person?” And as you and your spouse reflect on the euphoria of
the love u once had, you may begin to desire that experience withsomeoneelse. This is when marriages breakdown. People blame their spouse fortheir unhappiness and look outside their marriage for fulfillment.
Extramarital fulfillment comes in all shapes and sizes. Infidelity isthe most obvious. But sometimes people turn to work, church, a hobby, afriendship, excessive TV, or abusive substances.
But the answer to this dilemma does NOT lie outside your marriage. Itlies within it.
I’m not saying that you couldn’t fall in love with someone else. Youcould. And TEMPORARILY you’d feel better. But you’d be in the samesituation a few years later.Because (listen carefully to this):
SUSTAINING love is not a passive or spontaneous experience. It’ll NEVERjust happen to you. You can’t “find” LASTING love. You have to “make” it
day in and day out. That’s why we have the ___expression “the labor oflove.”Because it takes time, effort, and energy. And most importantly, ittakesWISDOM. You have to know WHAT TO DO to make your marriage work.
Make no mistake about it. Love is NOT a mystery. There are specificthings you can do (with or without your spouse) to succeed with yourmarriage.
Just as there are physical laws of the universe (such as gravity), there
are also laws for relationships. Just as the right diet and exerciseprogram makes you physically stronger, certain habits in yourrelationshipWILLmake your marriage stronger. It’s a direct cause and effect. If you know
and apply the laws, the results are predictable… you can “make” love.
Love in marriage is indeed a “decision”… not just a feeling.

Filipino's pride

Have you watched American Idol Season 3 and Season 7? These are the episodes where Jasmine Trias and Remiele Malubay show to America the talent of Filipinos. We all know that Jasmine Trias was able to prove it as she outshined all the other participants in the competition during her time. How about Remiele? My wife and I are always watching A.I. not because we love the show but only because of this Filipina who has the guts of joining such a complex competition. We even voted for her through phone for 2 reasons: First, she’s a Filipino and second, she really bears a great voice for a petite woman. We really want her to win because she somehow represents the Filipino community here in US. As you should know, racial discrimination is one of the issues that Filipinos are facing against some of the locals here. I can cite an example – this was personally experienced by my wife. She’s a nurse in one of the well-known hospitals here in US, unfortunately, she has been assigned in a unit where she’s the only Filipino. She doesn’t look like a Filipino ( in my judgment ) nor American but you can say that she’s not really a native resident here. This could be the reason why her colleague, with all the confidence says in front of her that the reason why there are no Filipinos in the unit is because they just don’t like Filipinos. At that point, my wife told her that she’s a Filipino and she’s working in that unit. Her colleague was shocked and just told her that she was just kidding. You see, If no one will stand up for our race, who will? We are supporting all Filipinos who are giving pride to the Philippines. This is the least thing we can do for now. Another Filipino who appeared on one of the shows here in America (Ellen) was Charice Pempengco. Ellen Degeneres, host of the show, was impressed in her singing talent. They flew Charice from the Philippines just to guest in that show. If you watched that show, you’ve probably seen how this 16 year-old international singer made the audience stand of their feet. Truly amazing performances of these Filipinos who are striving to give the Philippines a good name. You can click or copy the URLs below to watch all the performances of these fellow Filipinos; courtesy of Youtube uploaders. J Enjoy!!!
For Jasmine Trias:
For Remiele Malubay:
For Charice Pempengco:
TC Ang galing ng Pinoy!!!