Sunday, March 2, 2008

Filipino's pride

Have you watched American Idol Season 3 and Season 7? These are the episodes where Jasmine Trias and Remiele Malubay show to America the talent of Filipinos. We all know that Jasmine Trias was able to prove it as she outshined all the other participants in the competition during her time. How about Remiele? My wife and I are always watching A.I. not because we love the show but only because of this Filipina who has the guts of joining such a complex competition. We even voted for her through phone for 2 reasons: First, she’s a Filipino and second, she really bears a great voice for a petite woman. We really want her to win because she somehow represents the Filipino community here in US. As you should know, racial discrimination is one of the issues that Filipinos are facing against some of the locals here. I can cite an example – this was personally experienced by my wife. She’s a nurse in one of the well-known hospitals here in US, unfortunately, she has been assigned in a unit where she’s the only Filipino. She doesn’t look like a Filipino ( in my judgment ) nor American but you can say that she’s not really a native resident here. This could be the reason why her colleague, with all the confidence says in front of her that the reason why there are no Filipinos in the unit is because they just don’t like Filipinos. At that point, my wife told her that she’s a Filipino and she’s working in that unit. Her colleague was shocked and just told her that she was just kidding. You see, If no one will stand up for our race, who will? We are supporting all Filipinos who are giving pride to the Philippines. This is the least thing we can do for now. Another Filipino who appeared on one of the shows here in America (Ellen) was Charice Pempengco. Ellen Degeneres, host of the show, was impressed in her singing talent. They flew Charice from the Philippines just to guest in that show. If you watched that show, you’ve probably seen how this 16 year-old international singer made the audience stand of their feet. Truly amazing performances of these Filipinos who are striving to give the Philippines a good name. You can click or copy the URLs below to watch all the performances of these fellow Filipinos; courtesy of Youtube uploaders. J Enjoy!!!
For Jasmine Trias:
For Remiele Malubay:
For Charice Pempengco:
TC Ang galing ng Pinoy!!!

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