Saturday, March 12, 2011

Say Cheesy!

After having argument, how can you break the silence without getting another flare-up? One important tip for men, we’re the ones who always has fault when it comes to women’s narrow-minded thinking, so just ride on! The choice is yours, if you continue to oppose, expect to hold the stress the whole day long, but if you just go with the flow, you’ll never know what prize you could get in bedtime, that is if you know what I mean =). It will ended up you saying sorry to her anyways just to make everything all right.

You could try some cheesy punchlines with the serious intros like as follows:
"Aren’t you getting tired?... because you’ve been running through my mind all day long."
"Do you have a map? because i can get so lost in those eyes of yours."

Any sweet things to say to your girlfriend or wife that can turn her anger to laughter should be your objective. Always remember, you two are partners and not competitors. Women are supposed to be loved as always!

Use this, “Don't worry about it. Nothing that you've ever done before counts. The only thing that matters is that we're together.” It worked for me. Cheese!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What does Uniform mean?

My wife is really a good keeper of all her nursing scrubs. If I were to recall, we bought all of it five years ago. Though there are cheap scrubs but I can say that it can last for centuries. I made a nickname for her, I call her “always” because she’s wearing the same scrubs over and over again in the two hospitals she had worked and same goes in the current one. I noticed that even other staffs in their hospital, like the cleaning lady or the clerks use scrubs. The reason why patients sometimes got confused of who the real nurses are . I told her to suggest to her manager to have a distinctive nursing uniform instead. I believe that’s a good protocol not only for the hospital where she’s working but to all medical facilities in general. Uniform should create organization and not confusion.

Music is just around the corner

I have a bet in American Idol, she’s Thia Megia, she once joined in America’s Got Talent too when she was 14. I wish I can also watch her perform live. Top 13, though not a good number but considered a luck for the contestants. I was thinking that these contestants have lots of friends, loved ones, colleagues, acquaintances, schoolmates or even neighbors. No wonder if American idols Tickets will always be sold out.

Talking about music, have you heard Avril Lavigne’s Knocking on Heaven’s door? Someone said that she went to a studio to record this song so she could sell it and make money out of it. She used the cash to pay medical bills for poor kids in war-torn third world countries. Such a big heart from a young lady. So if you’re thinking of watching a concert, consider buying Avril Lavigne Tickets, you’ll never know, you might be also contributing to whatever outreach project she has in mind. She deserves it.

One of my wife’s favorites, not only because they have the same date of birth but also because of being a world-known artist is Yanni. Man, he’s so talented, he’s a self-taught pianist, keyboardist, and composer. If you’re looking for Instrumental, New Age, and contemporary classical, he got it all. I think securing Yanni Tickets for both of us is a good surprise treat for my wife.

Also, I’m considering two more great artists of all time, but I can just afford one, if you are to choose to buy between Jimmy Buffett Tickets and Barry Manilow Tickets which are you going to choose? Both of them do pop and soft rock that my wife and I really love. Please help us decide.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring has almost Sprung

Spring is coming, it’s evident in trees and how bright the dusk is. My favorite season of all! I should start fixing my backyard like what has been started by my friend as his spring project, patio furniture cleaning in Austin. I’m planning to paint the whole fence surrounding my backyard but looking at that old dirty wood fence with a lot of spider webs and mud stains, I believe I will consider his advice of getting the professional’s help in pressure power washing in Austin. This will make my work easier and faster without the hassle of dealing with spiders.

My budget will just be enough for the outside project, when it comes to the inside of the house my wife always suggests not hiring anyone to save extra money for the utility bills. Even if she doesn’t trust my capability in cleaning the house as she desires, spotless clean, she doesn’t have any choice but to accept my ignorance in cleaning and organizing things, I didn’t go to housekeeping school anyways. She reiterates her instruction for me to watch videos in the internet about do it yourself carpet cleaning when she saw me getting the shampoo for the carpet. I’ll make my TO-DO list so I can manage my time well and make sure to give you updates of what my house will look like after these projects I have in mind.