Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring has almost Sprung

Spring is coming, it’s evident in trees and how bright the dusk is. My favorite season of all! I should start fixing my backyard like what has been started by my friend as his spring project, patio furniture cleaning in Austin. I’m planning to paint the whole fence surrounding my backyard but looking at that old dirty wood fence with a lot of spider webs and mud stains, I believe I will consider his advice of getting the professional’s help in pressure power washing in Austin. This will make my work easier and faster without the hassle of dealing with spiders.

My budget will just be enough for the outside project, when it comes to the inside of the house my wife always suggests not hiring anyone to save extra money for the utility bills. Even if she doesn’t trust my capability in cleaning the house as she desires, spotless clean, she doesn’t have any choice but to accept my ignorance in cleaning and organizing things, I didn’t go to housekeeping school anyways. She reiterates her instruction for me to watch videos in the internet about do it yourself carpet cleaning when she saw me getting the shampoo for the carpet. I’ll make my TO-DO list so I can manage my time well and make sure to give you updates of what my house will look like after these projects I have in mind.


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