Thursday, March 10, 2011

Music is just around the corner

I have a bet in American Idol, she’s Thia Megia, she once joined in America’s Got Talent too when she was 14. I wish I can also watch her perform live. Top 13, though not a good number but considered a luck for the contestants. I was thinking that these contestants have lots of friends, loved ones, colleagues, acquaintances, schoolmates or even neighbors. No wonder if American idols Tickets will always be sold out.

Talking about music, have you heard Avril Lavigne’s Knocking on Heaven’s door? Someone said that she went to a studio to record this song so she could sell it and make money out of it. She used the cash to pay medical bills for poor kids in war-torn third world countries. Such a big heart from a young lady. So if you’re thinking of watching a concert, consider buying Avril Lavigne Tickets, you’ll never know, you might be also contributing to whatever outreach project she has in mind. She deserves it.

One of my wife’s favorites, not only because they have the same date of birth but also because of being a world-known artist is Yanni. Man, he’s so talented, he’s a self-taught pianist, keyboardist, and composer. If you’re looking for Instrumental, New Age, and contemporary classical, he got it all. I think securing Yanni Tickets for both of us is a good surprise treat for my wife.

Also, I’m considering two more great artists of all time, but I can just afford one, if you are to choose to buy between Jimmy Buffett Tickets and Barry Manilow Tickets which are you going to choose? Both of them do pop and soft rock that my wife and I really love. Please help us decide.

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