Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Daddy gets silly!..."

"Daddy gets silly! whuhuhu" this is exactly what Clarence told his mom.. hahaha.. I don't know what came into me but I found myself teasing my son so hard. It started when he didn’t listen to what I asked him to do. Whatever he acts, I mimic him until I annoyed him so much and began to cry... then my cruelty doesn’t end there, I still continue copying what he does, how he cries, how he stomps and worse giving exaggeration in it.. I ignore him saying “stop!” I was like a little maniac who kept on pissing him off, survival of the fittest, I said to myself.. haha.. we’re both screaming as I followed every pitch of his cry.. not minding the grumpy old man living upstairs. Then my wife woke up and gave us a fiery look as if she’s trying to tell me something that I should’ve known right from the very start. That’s her power, just one look, a strong hidden message hehe.. Oh well, that’s my signal to stop. My son hurriedly went towards her and surprisingly said that phrase. Surprised because I didn’t know how he will tell to her mom what I did… Usually, he’ll go to his mom crying, “Daddy got mad!” but today is different, he made his description of what had happened so funny. He just perceived it as silliness whereas I’m expecting him to say that “we had a fight”. For I know I got him real good. It’s not my intention to make him cry, it’s just that my son is really irresistibly cute for me that I wanted to tease him and have fun with him. I believe it’s better to get silly than to get mad. You know, child heart! Everyone has it.