Friday, October 2, 2009

New place, new look!

I didn’t expect moving to a different state will be that so difficult. We came all the way from Maryland and arrived here in California last week. We wish to bring everything we have, like our old stuffs; appliances, furniture, clothes and etc. but we just really couldn’t. The expense that we will be having for the shipping and packing will be more than the value of these stuffs. We just brought what we really needed and the others we sell and gave to our friends. Now, we are starting to settle down and little by little establishing again things we needed for this new beginning. We looked for bed, sofa and some utensils in our first day here, then we subscribed for internet and phone services. Now, we are looking for our new clothes to wear since most of our clothes were left to our friends in Maryland. We’re just new in this place that’s why the internet really helps us a lot. I searched and surfed till one of the net shops got my eyes’ attention. It is Shopwiki which gives a variety of choices for men’s clothing. One thing I liked about it is being organized, they will make it easy for you to shop for the particular clothing type you need. You can sort it by size, by season and by style. Like the one I found in their men’s outwear. Check this out.

Leather jacket is one in my priority list, since there’s no snow here in California, I can still use it for winter. Their styles really made me look for more options in their site plus tips and links that you can use as your own fashion resources. If you are looking for signature clothing, they also have men’s clothing designer page. There’s nothing you could ask for more. In stating this, I remember the time my nephew begged from his dad a stylish drawstring shorts which I found in shopwiki’s jeans section. I’m sure he will like this one.

I would also recommend to him to check the Surfing and bodyboarding section since he always complain that he’s getting bored with his old sports and kept on looking for more adventurous sports or hobby. Now that we’re here in California, I can be my nephew’s buddy in some of his manhood activities. Being close to my family is one of the factors why we chose to transfer here. I hope everything will be perfect in this new environment we chose to live. And I do hope that our new look will match this new place.