Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wholesale is a Big on sale

When it comes to saving money I always make sure that I’m updated. I collect coupons, wait for the on-sale and seasonal promos and look for good deals in different stores. I also joined wholesale stores like Sam’s Club in Maryland. Even if there’s a membership fee, you will still find it cheap to buy products in packs or bundles. My reason, if you’re going to use a product more often anyway why won’t you buy plenty of it in much lesser or cheaper price when you have money to do it. I find it a good deal to buy bulk of baby diapers there when Clarence was just 11 months old. Even if Clarence used almost 5 diapers in a day, my stock of diapers will still be good until our next scheduled shopping.

When Clarence turned 2, I tried using training pants so it will be easy for him to go whenever necessary because that was the time I also teach him going to the potty on his own. Still, I used the same practice in stocking up of diapers and I can tell you that I did not waste a single one. Now that he’s more than 3, and potty trained, I continue using it and I found Huggies Pull-Ups good for him which he only wears during the night when he goes to bed. When you try to check our pantry and closets you will find packs and bundles of bathroom tissues, canned goods and snacks. Products that will count a year before it expires. I can say that I saved a lot in a wholesale store.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Day of Shopping

Remember my article about Shopwiki, well my wife’s friend, Tina had read about it and wishing that she could shop also using the site. And when I asked, what’s preventing her to do so, she replied with annoyingly tone saying, “Hello???, I’m in Australia!!!”. Well I get back on her by saying… “Knock knock Tina, you’re just in Australia and not on Mars! Hehe”. I mean if she was able to read my article in the internet, she sure can try searching for Shopwiki too in her area. That’s the power of the internet. I asked her to get a pen and dictated to her the website’s address for Australia since I’m already in front of my computer. She’s so excited about it. I can’t blame her because she’s not that really good in computers, I know that! since her profession is not related in modern technology, (Tina, if you’re reading, please admit it, Lols!). I even told her that it’s also available in UK and France where some of her cousins live.

After they had a very looong talk, I asked my wife if she still has a plan to go out and buy an electric fan. Maybe you’re wondering why should we need one considering it’s almost winter. I know in Maryland, where we used to live, cold temp. starts on fall season but here in California we’re still getting 79° inside our apartment, turning on the air conditioner is a waste of money that’s why electric fan is in our TO BUY list. We went to Arden Mall, it’s so big and there’s a lot of stores. But we didn’t get any luck finding an electric fan, one of the store crews said that they only put out products based on the current season. I guess we’re going to check the Chinese outlet that my brother recommended us to go. My wife spotted a kid’s store and check for Clarence’s pants. I thought she will just look around but when she asked for the wallet, I refused. I told her that the “2 for $22” promo ($13.50 for 1) pants she’s holding is available in Shopwiki with a lesser price but same quality and style. Check this out.

This is just $4.98 each and you won’t be needing to get 2 pairs to save money. Instead of getting 2 of the same style, you can shop for another one. When we got home, I show her the site’s directory and she was overwhelmed with a lot of choices from different stores. I taught her how to sort it based on price and brand. Again, I know she felt lucky having me around hehe..