Saturday, November 6, 2010

New House, New Furniture

Thanks for the post, Lucius Gaines

There is about two more weeks until our house is finished being built. That means it's time for furniture shopping! My husband and I try to do the inexpensive, good quality search at Walmart and Sears, but we can never find anything. So we usually end up heading over to Nebraska Furniture Mart for all our furniture. We really like their huge selection and endless brand names. And best of all, it's modestly priced. When we bought our daughter's nursery furniture, we only spent about $1300 for her crib, armoire and dresser. We liked Baby's R Us' selection, but they were so overpriced it hurt our eyeballs to look at the tags.

Clearly, I'm pretty excited about going furniture shopping. I think we're going to be buying a new dining room set, bedroom furniture for the master bedroom, and a sectional couch for the living room. I've seen some sectionals that are like a recliner and massage chair in one. I can only imagine coming home from shopping, sitting on my vibrating, massaging recliner chair and watching some satalite tv.

Anyway, I think I already know which dining room table I want. I'm not sure of the brand, but I've seen it around Nebraska Furniture Mart before. It's all black, except the centerpiece of the table is cracked glass. It looks awesome. And very, very modern. Which is what I think we're going for in the new house.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Gift

Ten more days before my wife’s birthday. I don’t know what to give her. Lately, I’m seeing her spending a lot of time giving herself some beauty treats like putting lotion, fixing her nails, doing her eyebrows and more. Though some of it is really included on her regular hygienic routine but I still appreciate it, I know she always wanted to look good in my eyes. Well, she’ll always be the most beautiful woman for me even if she’s just in her simple looks.

This made me think of giving her some makeup products like lipstick or lipgloss to enhance the softness and appeal of her luscious lips. I don’t have any idea of what shade she wanted and I don’t want to ask her. I want it to be a surprise. I asked some of my lady friends and one of them suggested for me to try getting a lip lacquer instead. Waaahh..!! I didn’t know that even just a simple lipstick will be so complicated when you open it up with ladies. I’m still thinking of my other options. Do you have any suggestions?