Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's in the car?

When I was a kid, I saw one of my brother’s posters in his room, it was a picture of a car with label “Porsche”. I thought it wasn’t real because it has an unusual look of a car for me but I definitely admired it and said to myself, I will get one someday. Seeing the video below made me think that I fast outgrew that dream. There are a lot of models that came out that I missed. But man, I think it will only live in a dream because the latest that they introduced for 2010 doesn’t fit anywhere in my budget. To give you an idea the porsche panamera price ranges from about $90,000 to $135,000. But who knows? I’m still young and if other people can afford it, why can’t I? But I won’t force myself if it’s not really meant for me. Anyways there are also other cars that can definitely go by my standards. Actually, there’s one which I believe a little cheaper than Porsche but also with unique design and features. Check this out – the Fisker Karma. I believe they are designed in California and rumors say that it will be build in Finland. Another great competition for Porsche. The Fisker Karma price is around $80,000 and up but I’m not really sure though. Just make sure to hold your chin up while looking at the pictures.

F I S K E R K A R M A (below)

Some people are just lucky, they don’t even need to earn just to get a car. I’ve seen this happened from one of the singing competitions here in US when the final 2 contestants both got brand new Ford Fiesta. What a gift! They got it all, the talent, fame and now cars. I think that the runner up of that competition is still a winner partying with her new Fiesta.

For now, I have to be reasonable and need to wake up from my Porsche dream. I have to face the reality that as of the moment the only tangible are among the non-luxury sedans. To give you an example, mitsubishi evolution price for 2010 models is from $27,190 - $40,990. Now, that is reachable for me. They offered sports sedans that racers will love. Whatever car you have, make the most out of it anyways the real function of it is the one that really matters – as transportation.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Curb Appeal

We always focus beautifying the inside of the house that we sometimes neglect the very first thing people will see and notice – our front yard. Having seen some of our neighbor’s neglected front yard made us think of another home improvement project, and that is to create a very enticing curb appeal. Aside from plants and grasses, we’re thinking of replacing the light fixtures and adding new mail box. This will make a big difference since our neighbors almost use same style of residential mail boxes

Getting new planters, shutters and nice shade of paints are all in the list. Window box planters can also make uncover our windows emptiness. I’m trying to search more curbside décor in the net and I know most of them offer both mailboxes and décor which will make it easier for us. Check these styles I got from the net and tell me what you think.

Kitchen Mix & Match

Designing a house is not our domain. We always look at magazines, TV shows and internet for tips and ideas. We started experimenting in our kitchen to see if it will work but still it didn’t satisfy us getting the appeal we really wanted it to have. So we’re on trial and error game again. There’s one spot in the kitchen that is an empty space that I don’t know how to fill in. Till we thought of an idea that a wine rack or bar can definitely make that spot functional. We searched the net and found few that can be in our list. One is from jk adams. We like their Hanging Wooden Slat Stemware Racks that will look good for our set of wine glasses.

Some accessories will also make the kitchen inviting and I’m thinking of getting one from jk adams spice rack collection. I like the touch of wood with the sense of having an organization for our spices’ small bottles. Its style works for me, saving more space in our counter.

If you also check jk adams cutting boards, you may think of using it as a décor instead of its original function since they have details that will really make you feel not using the top side of it but instead its bottom. It will be good to hang it in the counter. It’s really enjoyable to give your own touch in your kitchen, makes it more personal and with your very own taste and likes.