Friday, October 23, 2009

Animator vs. Animation

How I wish I have the talent in making such programs like this. This really amazes me. Those who are familiar in computer stuffs will surely appreciate this. Kudos to the one who created this, my advice for you is give yourself a break, try to stay away from computers for some time. LoLs!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where is she?

I can't figure out where the girl went. Of all the challenges I tried to solve, this one left me hanging. Even if I did stare at her with all my concentration. I still can't get it. I think there's a clue in the sound but it's really hard to hear it right. Better to increase the volume of your speakers. Maybe you can help me with this mystery. Leave me a comment when you know the answer. Thanks.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Neighborhood

Friends and relatives always ask us about our new place. I can’t describe it in words, fortunately, I found a video that will best describe the neighborhood where we moved in. The video will also show the Mercy General Hospital where my wife got her new job. The hospital is just beside our apartment. There’s also a park six blocks away from us. We just need to walk to that park whenever Clarence wishes to go there, check out the second video below. I took the video the day after having a heavy rain so it doesn't show the real beauty of the park which is supposedly clean and bloom with flowers. So far, most people we encountered are nice and friendly. How safe it is can be seen at night time, you can still see people in the park, jogging, feeding ducks and playing even at around 7 pm. The only disadvantage living in downtown is the noise of new building constructions and cars on the roadways but all in all, we are beginning to like Sacramento.