Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another round of Parenting

I guess my son misses the fun at school during the weekend. He always brings home what he learned from his class. Like what he just acted today.
(Click the pix to enlarge)

Clarence gathered all his stuff animals for Circle Time. Here he tells a story, showing pix in the book to each and everyone.

Second Circle time, now Elmo's in the group, singing the Eenzy Weenzy Spider

Singing "Where is Thumbkin"

My kid's way of parenting

I think what I’m doing to Clarence is starting to instill in his innocent little mind. It shows in his acts and words all the things he’s getting from my parenting. Today, I chuckle so much seeing my son doing some silly things he copied from me. Look at the pix below. He's getting it all over his head alright!

Puppy and Elmo got their time-outs! Elmo for not stop laughing, i guess!

Here's when he told Puppy to face the wall and gave a cute command of "Stay there!"

Clarence asked Puppy if he will be a good boy now.. "Gudboy? gudboy? come here!"

Clarence kissed Puppy, gave him a big hug and posed for Daddy saying "Cheese"

Puppy goes to potty

Friday, November 21, 2008

Manners and Etiquettes

Yesterday, my wife was able to chat with her sister from Italy. I got interested when I heard that they are talking about manners and etiquettes. Her sister shared some of the things she read from the book. Though she had some trouble translating it since it was written in Italian but we got the idea perfectly maybe because some of it were true in us. I may say that these can be used as a reminder to all of us because things that we know okay for us might not be good for others. Sometimes, bad things are becoming normal to us especially when we are used to do it. It’s like becoming a habit for us, a really bad habit. Here are some of the dos and don’ts we discussed over chat:

1. While eating, keep your mouth closed in chewing the food.
2. Don’t make a sticky food sound inside your mouth, unless you’re a pig.
3. Cover your mouth if you can’t avoid yawning in front of people.
4. For men, don’t use white socks in dark suit.
5. When someone invited you to a gathering, don’t mind knowing the people who will attend. It gives a perception that you’re basing your decision from it.
6. Don’t go in front of the food table without your shirt on.
7. Don’t talk loud inside the elevator if there are other people with you.
8. If you’re going to blow your nose, please don’t check the napkin of how your secrete goes. Yaiiks!
9. For men, always remember to put back the toilet seat in place after peeing. Though some men don’t even lift it up because of laziness.
10. In eating spaghetti, don’t make a loud slurp while slopping the pasta. You’re not supposed to eat it like a soup.
11. Don’t belch in public. No one wants to know what you ate.
12. Don’t tell to brides “Congratulations!” but instead “Best Wishes!” The former term is for grooms.
13. Don’t go to a gathering so early that the host might not be in proper dress yet.
14. Always flush the toilet after use. Double check if necessary.
15. Don’t stare at people, unless you like trouble.
16. You know that you’re attending in a church; you don’t need to be reminded to turn off your cell phone.
17. If you are to be introduced to someone, take off your sunglasses.
18. For women, initiate the handshake when introduced, men are waiting for it, they don’t want to be refused.
19. If you’re about to enter the house, don’t ask if you may come in when you’re already halfway inside.
20. Don’t laugh so loud in public that it seems you’re looking for attention from others.

Examine yourself and don’t be in denial. I may not state here everything we discussed but I know you can add some more through comments. Feel free to give us your ideas so other people may know that what they’re doing isn’t acceptable for the majority. I intentionally put some for friends who I don’t have guts to tell directly in their face. I hope they can read this.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bright Side

Despite of having a fever for the past 2 days, I still feel blessed for having a caring wife and a loving son. I used to fetch Lorie from the train station when she's coming home from her night shift work but she chose not to call me and instead walk home just to give me more time of sleep. I’m so worried because the temp outside the house is dropping and I believe riding in the car is really necessary. I don’t want her to be sick too. She even cooked our breakfast not minding her tiredness from all of her night’s work. I really appreciated it and everything she just did, made me feel a lot better. Likewise, my son relieves some of my pains when he did cooperate most of the day. He put a smile on my face when he started doing our night duties. He knew what to do ahead of me saying it. It’s very seldom you see a child begging for his vitamins, racing you to turn on the clean up song, and even assisting in putting his night diapers on. I was surprised when he also did the sign of the cross though he still can’t perfectly do it as of this time, with his trying voice of saying “Hmmn father.. son… oly.. pirit.. amen” . We prayed together and afterwards read his book. There’s no reason for me not to get well. Surrounded by my 2 precious treasures, clear bright side is all on me.