Saturday, January 16, 2010

Car is a necessity not a luxury

Since we moved here I didn’t get a chance to check on my car’s condition, I felt guilty knowing how helpful she is to us and yet I’m not giving some of my time and care she deserves. One time when I was driving home, I saw the maintenance minder popped up in my dashboard. So unexpected that really concerned me a lot. Then I recalled the last time I brought her to the dealer for maintenance has been a while. Good thing that one of our friends knows how to fix it. I found out that the oil went down to 15% and I needed to do oil change immediately. We went to buy oil and filter and proceed in getting it done before it leads to a more major problem. We drained it and I got to see that the oil was already dark, like black. We used one quart of oil just to clean and wash away the old dark oil from my tank, I don’t care if I used the whole quart, my objective is to see my oil back to its clear color, which is closely yellow like the cooking oil. I don’t want to end up giving my car a tune up, you know. This one is my treat for her.

I have a Honda Civic 2008 and I love it. I also like old car models like Acura Integra but I’m afraid that it could cost me much in repairs and maintenance since it’s old. Vintage cars are also head turners nowadays but it’s also kind of pricey in terms of updating and finding its obsolete parts. Oh well, whatever car you have if you don’t appreciate what she can do for you and your family, Pretty sure that she will be taken for granted and before you knew it, you might ended up paying so much for the repair or even worse you might get into a serious accident that you might regret at the end. Win-win solution should always be considered, your car helps you, you give the credit back by maintaining it right. For me, car is as important as food I take each day, without it I'm like lifeless (if that's even a term).