Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Pain, No Gain.

People are so busy that they don’t give much time for their personal lives. There are lots of websites offering people matching compatibilities to find an individual a perfect partner. Could you believe that? Everything can be ordered from the internet nowadays! I’m not against with it but my point is everyone can tell good things about themselves in their profiles. It’s easy to create a good image by just a click of a button. I’m still in favor of knowing the person naturally and with much awareness of her family background, of her roots. I know that some of you out there will react and say that using these matching websites will be the first step to know one person, but in my defense, different kinds of people are out there, good or bad, descent or psychos. It’s all up to you people if you want to try the risk. But for sure, if you, and I’m hoping not, for a thousand chances, matched to a psycho, that psycho knows how to do his thing. I’m thinking that in your very first date, you might regret it for life or even worse might worth your life. Like the ones I watched from movies, scary isn’t it?

I’m not good in giving advices but there are also lots of resources you can find in the internet. Some that tells on how to meet women or men in traditional and nicer ways. You can dig into other people’s own opinions. There are some professionals, like a pickup artist who are really experienced in this kind of dating thing that can really help you to do your first step. It’s all up to your judgment if their techniques or strategies work for you. All I can say is this: Good luck! Be careful in choosing the right person for you. If you can spend a lot of time in studying and structuring the right profession for yourself, find much and more time and effort in looking for the right person because that person will be your lifetime partner that will help you build both of your dreams and your own family. Do your research, make your pros and cons chart and consider your friends' or family's guts. Love is not everything, it’s just one ingredient in a relationship. If ever you find that perfect match, never let go of it for you know that you really worked hard to build a good foundation for it and confident that nothing can easily destroy and break it. As they say, No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory.