Friday, November 14, 2008

"The Smile Stone Award"

I would like to dedicate this award to my readers and co-bloggers, hehe.. Thanks to Sunny for considering me for this precious award. It was said that this is an award for bloggers who show kindness and spreading happiness around.

Here are my top 10 reasons for keeping my dimples in my face today:

1. It's my wife's special day. Her birthday! Another blessed year for us.
2. I was able to chat with my sister in the Philippines and learned that they are all okay.
3. We bought RC for our son which I always wanted to give to him. He's so happy playing with it.
4. For having blog friends such as Sunny who tagged me for this award. I felt that I'm valued.
5. We went out to celebrate. We ate good food in a Thai Resto.
6. The gas price went down and I was able to fill our tank with extra discount.
7. Our phone doesn't stop ringing because of our friends who wanted to greet my wife.
8. I saw another good deal of laptop offered for Black Friday. Almost half a price, really bargain and this time one of the brands I wanted. We might get it by next week.
9. Rain showers made our car clean again. No need for paid car wash.
10. My wife appreciated my gift to her. I didn't even spend a single peny for it.

By the power vested in me. I would like to share this award to my friends.
1. dulce
2. carla
3. carol
4. ruthie
5. joanne

Happy Birthday Lorie!!!

I'm so happy the night before my wife's birthday because I was able to finish my gift for her but unfortunately I got colds and now suffering from a little fever. I think I abused myself for not getting enough sleep and rest. I don't know, whenever I think of doing something that really interests me, I don't stop until it's done. Like what I did in making Lorie's gift. I really believe that it was a labor of love. I didn't spend money in creating the gift but it took me a lot of time editing and making it extra special. For the love I have for her is priceless. I can give up my time of sleep and meals just to make her happy. I love it when I see her becoming emotional when she gets my gift, I really feel how she appreciates it. She values my feelings more than any material things I could buy for her. Here's my gift... Just click this "For my loving wife"

happy birthday lorie - ezekiel

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You, Daddy!

In everything I do, good or bad, I never thought someone would ever notice or appreciate it. Since each day passed, those busy days, doing the house chores become seemingly a routine work for me. My wife being so exhausted at her work, sometimes consumes most of her time sleeping. She’s working so hard to earn for our planned vacation in California. I believe she deserves a good treat whenever she’s having her rest day, that’s why I don’t like to oblige her in helping me around the house. Sometimes, you cannot avoid frustration at home, especially when you are so tired doing all the work. There I will find myself struggling with my son, pleading , negotiating and even punishing him for his ‘supposed to be’ child behavior. How can you keep your cool if everything you ask him to do, he opposes. My wife told me that it’s part of being a toddler, saying ‘No’ to him, is like triggering his curiosity and giving him opportunity to make him do it again and again. This provoked my undying theoretical thinking. So, instead of saying No, I tried ‘Yes”. I told my son, “Ok son, do it, come on, do it!” BUT it didn't do the trick. Silly me, I suppose reverse psychology is not yet applicable for him. The major of all the major jobs I do is taking care of my son. I actually know all the characters in Sesame Street, that means I cannot watch what I want if he’s awake. We also share computer, it’s like 90/10. I’m the 10. So you cannot blame me if sometimes I’m acting weird, I’m beginning to like being a kid again. I even asked my wife to buy RC as Clarence’ Christmas gift. My wife just said, “In your dreams!” c”,)

There’s one time, when I got so angry because my son messed up on his food, I gave him a time out. I felt some guilt for I know he didn’t mean to play with his food and he doesn’t deserve that time out. Later that night when I’m preparing him for bed and wiping his body with a warm towel, he then suddenly said to me, “Thank You, Daddy!” …… Whoa!!! That sweet, sweet little voice of him really struck me up. All my exhaustion for all the day’s work has been replaced with gladness. We taught him how to say thank you whenever he receives something. It’s like a required response, actually. But this is different, I don’t know how he knew that he should thank me for the good things I’m doing for him. “You’re welcome!” I responded “You will always be”. This time I know he means it. His innocence mind makes it real for me. That’s the best reward I received for being a parent. Appreciation from my 2 year old son.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why do men leave their partners?

Why do men leave their partners? The common scripts you widely hear from men is “I need space”, “The problem is on me”, “I want to search myself”, “You don’t deserve me” or “You’re not the one I used to know”. I said scripts because they are untrue to a certain extent. Scripts, for they are just been said to lessen the pain and to give respect even for the last time. One of the true reasons I can think of is weariness or boredom. Men are sometimes selfish, they cannot help themselves to look for what they want inside their shabby relationship. They are looking for a perfect partner, it could be another woman, adventure, or career. This perfect partner will not only accept him as he is fully, but also will finally make him express the parts of himself that are hidden. She'll bring out the best in him. Rather than criticize and make demands, the perfect partner will give unconditionally and fulfill his every need. But you have to understand that this is only men’s fantasy. If only women could fully recognized this, they’d be able to know how to handle and deal with it.
I know a girl who became overweight while her husband is still slim and tidy. She’s finding reasons on how to defend her situation or why she was resulted in being fat, like she gave birth to their children, she doesn’t have time to exercise and etc. But when we are together, she most likely wanted to go out, check some restaurants and shop. Even at breakfast, while her mouth is still full, she’s already asking everyone what they can get for snack. Could you imagine that?!, she’s still eating her breakfast and then she’s planning ahead for having a snack. There are a lot of things to think of, but for her, it’s always food. I was not surprised when she told me that her husband consumes a lot of his time in doing something like reading, surfing the net, or fixing his car. I can’t blame him, it’s better to get into things that interests him rather than focusing to some unlikely sights. c",) This will make men more bored in the relationship, you see, what men and women don’t realize is that their true need is to find adventures in their relationship. This girl that I’m talking about should be challenged on how she can get back the attention of her husband, not only in the physical sense but also in finding ways to somehow fulfill his fantasies.