Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Lorie!!!

I'm so happy the night before my wife's birthday because I was able to finish my gift for her but unfortunately I got colds and now suffering from a little fever. I think I abused myself for not getting enough sleep and rest. I don't know, whenever I think of doing something that really interests me, I don't stop until it's done. Like what I did in making Lorie's gift. I really believe that it was a labor of love. I didn't spend money in creating the gift but it took me a lot of time editing and making it extra special. For the love I have for her is priceless. I can give up my time of sleep and meals just to make her happy. I love it when I see her becoming emotional when she gets my gift, I really feel how she appreciates it. She values my feelings more than any material things I could buy for her. Here's my gift... Just click this "For my loving wife"

happy birthday lorie - ezekiel

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sunny said...

wow!!! this is a sweet present for your wifey!!!! nice Background music, nice slides....sweet! youre creative buddy! u got sick by doing this present but i think the payoff was overwhelming.