Saturday, November 22, 2008

My kid's way of parenting

I think what I’m doing to Clarence is starting to instill in his innocent little mind. It shows in his acts and words all the things he’s getting from my parenting. Today, I chuckle so much seeing my son doing some silly things he copied from me. Look at the pix below. He's getting it all over his head alright!

Puppy and Elmo got their time-outs! Elmo for not stop laughing, i guess!

Here's when he told Puppy to face the wall and gave a cute command of "Stay there!"

Clarence asked Puppy if he will be a good boy now.. "Gudboy? gudboy? come here!"

Clarence kissed Puppy, gave him a big hug and posed for Daddy saying "Cheese"

Puppy goes to potty

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