Monday, July 12, 2010

Curb Appeal

We always focus beautifying the inside of the house that we sometimes neglect the very first thing people will see and notice – our front yard. Having seen some of our neighbor’s neglected front yard made us think of another home improvement project, and that is to create a very enticing curb appeal. Aside from plants and grasses, we’re thinking of replacing the light fixtures and adding new mail box. This will make a big difference since our neighbors almost use same style of residential mail boxes

Getting new planters, shutters and nice shade of paints are all in the list. Window box planters can also make uncover our windows emptiness. I’m trying to search more curbside décor in the net and I know most of them offer both mailboxes and décor which will make it easier for us. Check these styles I got from the net and tell me what you think.

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