Wednesday, March 5, 2008

7 weirdness in me..

Actually, it's 7 Wonders inside my head::)
1. How can you grow up a seedless grapes plant if you don’t have the seeds for it?
2. How can the fly manages to stay floating/flying inside the car while it’s running 65 mph? Does it mean the fly has the same speed?
3. Why does a round pizza cased in a square box? And a square pizza does not in a round box?
4. Do fish sleep too? If yes, how?
5. How do chicken pee?
6. If you use all your fingers except the middle finger that is being bent, in pressing the top of your desk, why can’t you raise the ring finger alone?
7. If I circle my right foot clockwise repeatedly, then I draw circles in the air using my right pointer finger counterclockwise repeatedly also. Why is it that my right foot follows the turn of my pointer finger?

These are weird things that I may think are weird but not for others.I know I am weird though others may think I am normal. I think even my friends would think these weird things I posted may not be as weird as it may seem. As I think, maybe these are some of the things I consider weird at the moment. Like it as it is, this is me.

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