Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bad Luck Chain Letters: In Emails and Bulletins

Why do people keep on sending or posting bad chain letters? It really frustrates me knowing that they still believe in this silly stupid letters. What? Are you guys still in grade school? Some will change the subject into an interesting topic just to trigger readers to open it. I get a lot of these in emails and Friendster’ bulletin. Scaring people that if they don’t send it to a number of people, they will have a bad luck in life, their mother will die, will have a devastating love life or will die sooner as what happened to those who ignored it. Hah! What a joke! I can definitely say that anyone who abide by this prank is surely not in his right mind. Do you really believe in the power of these letters than our Almighty God? And if you pass it on, it somehow means that you want the bad things to happen to others. As what my friend Meanne suggested, why don’t you just send inspirational messages or biblical passages? These will give readers motivations to be at their best rather than ruining their life. Honestly, when I got an email with this bad luck chain, I sometimes give bad words to the sender because he/she kept on spreading this junk. Either the sender is really stupid to believe in this or he is just like a dog that when you say jump, he will jump! I’m 100% sure that the original author of this chain letter is extremely happy with a satanic smile in his face because he can see that his works are in success! Come on, these letters are just made by a senseless human being who doesn’t have things to do but just to breathe to live and spread these useless letters. I will be here to mock those people who will continue this pitiful tradition and ask everyone just to PLEASE STOP THIS WORTHLESS CHAIN LETTER!!!


Joanne said...

i definitely agree with you. i specifically despise those who change the subject on their email just to make sure the recipient would open and read it.

i am not sure how others would treat it, but i do ignore it (while i curse the one who sent it to me.. hehehe...)

tito16 said...

Hi Al, Here's my new blog home. Lock na ksi yung old blog ko. Active ka na din sa blog ha? Adict. So very hapi ka nga w/ ur family. Si mommy aileen e., paki add na lng sa link mo if ever. Hope mka visit me din dyan sa states one day. Ingat k pare. Godbless.

MyStRiPeSoCkS said...

i did not finish the whole paragraph - i hate it too hehehe.. kaya never akong nagsesend ng chain letters except kung sobrang na touch ako sa message