Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Green means Go!

WASHINGTON (January 26, 2009) -- President Obama took swift action on the environment and energy this morning by supporting state efforts to limit emissions, and increase fuel efficiency.

How can you help in preserving the environment? I don't know about you, but me, in my own little ways, I believe I contribute somehow. I collected all the magazines, mails and other paper stuffs that are not useful to me and put them all in the recycle tank I found near the church where I go to. I'm reusing plastic bags. I preferred to use a drinking glass rather than plastic / styro cups. I don't smoke. I buy local products so as not to support products imported from far places that cost much fuel in getting in our place. I buy organic fruits and vegetables for they were grown without pesticides that are harmful to both human and environment.

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eva said...

tama ka. instead na magdrive maglakad na lang kung malapit lang naman pupuntahan.hehhe