Thursday, February 19, 2009

Benefits of playgroup

Yesterday was somewhat special for us because Clarence turned 2 years and 10 months old. We were able to spend our day going to his ABC class field trip in Baltimore’s National Aquarium. We really felt that we did the best thing in registering Clarence in school programs like this because of all the benefits he and “us” can get. I also have to say that all of these classes are free of charge. He started attending playgroups/classes when he was just 2. Aside from ABC class, he also attends Infants and Toddlers. When my wife and I were talking, we recalled being enrolled in school at the age of 6 or 7 and we say, wow! This boy is so blessed.. hehe.. His teachers are great. They are evaluating Clarence developments, to know where we need to concentrate more in our parenting. He’s also starting to build confidence in his self because of all the social activities he gets in dealing with other kids. If you ask for the admission fee, you will say it’s worth the money. I acknowledged the men and women who maintain, keep and make the place worth visiting. By the way we did not spend a single penny for this trip for it’s all free for the ABC class.

Cost: Dolphin Show & Admission to Aquarium
Adult (Ages 12-59) $27.95
Children (Ages 3-11) $17.95

We saved $55.90

Here’s a video of our trip. It’s really unbelievable how they can manage to feed and maintain all the animals here.

Aquarium Trip - ezekiel


Jes said...

wow this is a great video....san nga ulit un? d nmn sa ocean park yan sa pinas tyr? hehehhe =)nice meeting you! tnx for dropping ec!!! =)

gab's mom said...

al, i want to enrol gab to an ABC class!!! hahahaha. because of the free trip...

kidding aside, your site is really helpful. i'm learning a lot. (wushu!!!)