Monday, March 23, 2009

Alligator, Chicken and Sprinkles??!!

Every day, new and newer things I'm discovering from my son. Time is so fast, and yet there's no significant changes happening to me but a lot of development I can see in my "ahoy' matee" Clarence (he loves pretending as pirate, Arrr!!). He'll turn 3 in April by the way. Sometimes, he'll just surprise us with his owned composed sentence that we don't know where it came from. Making full little sentences with a subject and predicate hehe.. plus some adjectives make him so adorable to be heard. I think becoming used from his baby talk and just few words when he was just a baby made us so amazed when we hear him talking like already a grown-up now. One time, he cautioned me by saying, "Quiet! no talking, mommy is sleeping"..I swallowed my tongue at that very moment hehe. And when we are playing paint in the computer, he'll changed the color followed by a reasoning, "this' much better daddy!". But one thing I definitely know, that he's Spanish counting of uno up to diez was Dora and Diego's liability. I thought, wow! He doesn't need me anymore to learn.. In fact, I don't want him to learn that way of counting before because I don't want him to be confused with the English counting..(he can count and recognize numbers individually up to 50 now) but who am I to judge him... hehe.. I think I underestimated him in that point somehow.. I learned that we should not think or say that our kids can't do or learn things, not unless we don't allow them to give it a try. Kids are so smart not to know what we already know, they just need a little explanation and trust from us. The funny part is when they juggle the words in some of their rhyming words hehe.. Like my son, when we went to the doctor's office which was located in 4th floor, we're playing outside the clinic while waiting for his mom's checkup... he grabbed my hand and pulled me while telling me he likes the alligator... I was so confused till we reached the ELEVATOR and pointing to the button while kept on saying.. come on daddy, alligator! alligator! hahaha... there are a couple of words more.. one is chicken whereas it should be kitchen.. "let's go to the chicken daddy, get milk!" another is sprinkles instead of splinters.. on the playground, he tends to take off his slippers and say, "daddy, Oh no! sprinkles on my socks".. He's adorably funny!!! Then I said to myself, well he still needs me and that is for sure! I wonder what surprises are in store for us for the next 12 months..

Clarence with his art works on the wall

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gab's mom said...


so funny al! you're right, he's adorable. =)

i can see you and lorie are both happy raising a smart kid like clarence. same here... we're also having lot's of fun.

hope to hear more lovely stories about being parents. =)