Friday, April 17, 2009

Capturing the moments

Time is so fast; my boy just turned three if I will to follow Philippine Time. He was born on April 18, 2006 at The Medical City in Pasig around 2am. I can still remember each moment we had in the hospital. It seemed like we’re waiting forever. I’m so afraid for the two of them that time; I want everything to be perfect. Most of my waiting time was spent inside the chapel trying to calm myself and praying for their safety. After almost 18 long hours of wait, our bundle of joy arrived but the first thing I said when they showed him to me was, “How’s my wife?” since I know my baby boy was already okay. I made a big sigh of relief when I confirmed that the two of them were both okay. Then the second challenge I faced was the hospital bill. LOL! We never missed capturing his growing up moments as days and months passed by. Most of my hard drives spaces in both desktop and laptop are filled with his pictures and videos. We even paid for some studio photo shoots because for us his younger years are a true treasure to keep. I compiled the two studio photo shots he had in a single video for us to compare and see the changes in him. One is when he was just 16 months old and the other is from last April 8, where there’s only 10 days to wait before his 3rd birthday. Both were taken at Time Capsule Studio in Arundel Mills Mall here in Maryland. The price is nothing compared to his adorably charming poses in each picture. The lady in the studio even gave us a deal of getting the 8 soft copies of his pictures in a cd for an additional of 50 dollars (the package only allows us to get 8 hardcopies out of 23 poses he had). Of course I did my bargain of getting everything instead, even the ones that she thinks not worth to be included since my son didn’t smile on some poses. I just said to her, “You know, if it is your kid, every angle is good”. She said okay, since in her eyes it’s like there’s no difference whether she will give up the unworthy poses or not. We got all his poses in a cd and stored also in our computers. If you have time, I’m proud to show to you his studio photo shoots. Check out the clip below.

capturing the moments - ezekiel


sunny said...

wow! Happy birthyday little Sunshine! He look so adorable, tama ka every angle is perfect, kiddoes look so cute with their innocent faces and candid smiles! youre doing a great job bud, collecting memories! ayus!!!

khristine said...

grabe! sobrang cute ni clarence! :)
you must be very very proud of your son :)

ezekiel13 said...

thanks sunny and AK!!! maiiintindihan nyo ako pag may anak na rin kayo, hehe.. baka mas maging proud pa kayo kesa sa ken ha..