Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

We wanted Clarence to know more about spring so we decided to go to Home Depot and bought things for gardening. As usual, as the saying goes, hitting two birds with one stone, we got ourselves vegetable seeds and plants so we'll also benefit from his first 'planting' experience. I think my wife and I enjoyed it more than Clarence since it's been so long when we had our hands in dirt. We did not spend money in buying a trowel but instead we used Clarence's toy shovel :) In the Philippines, you can just get soil anywhere but here you need to buy specific soil/mix for your pots, digging around our premises might need some permits since we don't know what's under the ground. As one of Clarence's teachers advise, we can walk him outside the house to investigate things he can see during spring time like ants and bugs. Truly, he can now identify some insects and bugs by their actual sizes and appearances that he only seen in pictures before. This will help him develop his cognitive skills. When we are going to parks, he always telling me whatever he sees, like purple flowers, bee, ants, fly and the likes and it is important for me not to ignore him because that’s the time he’s learning to remember different things, and also to give immediate correction when what he’s saying is different from what he sees. I hope you find yourself something to enjoy this spring. Simple things could also be fun especially when you do it with your loved ones.

Have you been summoned to be a jury? What do you think of it?

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