Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Looking for TV

Ten days in California without TV! We’re planning to get one but we don’t know yet what brand and how big but definitely a LCD one. I want the one that can be connected to my computer without me buying an extra pc interface or converter. That’s the reason why we just subscribed for internet and phone service because we don’t have a TV yet for Direct TV. Whenever I visit my brother’s house, I always watch their recorded shows because they do have DVR and service from DirectTV too. It’s helpful because we don’t want to miss the news in the Philippines regarding the flood caused by Typhoon Ondoy (Tropical Storm Ketsana). For now, that’s one of the means we're using to know what’s happening in the Philippines.

My son already misses his favorite cartoons and shows. When we were in Maryland, I used to give him schedule for watching TV but only programs that have my approval, of course, educational and descent. So once we get a TV here, the next plan I’m thinking is to call Directv and inquire about their promos and special packages. I know they give good deals in a cheap price.


sunny said...

it's roughly 3am here! buddy, nakakmiss pinas no? ill give u updates n lang,hehehehe! things are goin on better here. Sa makati parang nothing had happened and generally recovering na buong pinas except for the filthy political issues,hehehehe! anyhoo, its's kinda boring without television, especially for Kids. goodluck sa bagong place! enjoy!

ezekiel13 said...

i don't know what's happening sa Pinas parang nasa bottom peak ata, i've heard may bagong bagyo na naman sa pangalan pa lang nakakatakot na LUPIT... we pray and hope na hindi sya makapinsala at sana lumihis na lang sya sa dagat... thanks bro for wishing us luck.. sayo den jan sa family mo sa Pinas..