Thursday, November 19, 2009

Truly One Dream Vacation

While I’m browsing my video files in my computer, I found the one when our good friend Connie brought us to “beach” somewhere in Maryland. I quoted the word because it’s not actually a natural beach but it’s man-made. The first time we went there we were so excited because I can say right there and then, on Clarence’s account, that it will be one of his first time experiences. I never brought him in a beach so I know that it will be a totally new surrounding for him. He only sees beach in cartoons from Ni-Hao Kailan and Dora’s sand castles episodes. He has an idea but he doesn’t know how it feels like to step on a real sandy beach. It was really beautiful, calming and breezy, you will not think that it’s man-made only when Connie told us that the water is not sea-salt but instead fresh water like from rivers or lakes. But Clarence enjoyed it a lot. It’s still his first time though, experiencing a man-made beach is quite a different thing that we can proudly put in his photo book. It’s a memorable experience for us with Connie and her family during the last days we had in Maryland. Now, we are still looking forward to bring Clarence to a natural beach for him to see the beauty and the wonder that nature brings. I found one in the internet where a complete vacation package awaits tourists and nature lovers to see, it is the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts.

Having a nice vacation and teaching Clarence to appreciate nature in one occasion will be great. Myrtle Beach Resorts offer hotels, golf courses, museums, parks and more which are all located near the breath taking shores that will really make you feel relaxed and think that you’re out at last from the busy moving world. This will fulfill our plan of showing Clarence the natural beach he is longing to see for the first time with a plus of experiencing other things that Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach can offer. I hope we can do this soon. As of the moment, enjoying Clarence videos are still worth our time-offs to relax and enjoy family togetherness.

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