Thursday, August 26, 2010

Online conversations with old friends

Guest post written by RJ Benson

Since most of us retired and we had a lot more time to spend on the Internet, a bunch of me and my high school friends will chat online. A lot of times we’ll just e-mail each other but a few of us have started using Skype to call and video chat each other. It’s a lot of fun and the easiest option because we live in different cities across the country.

One time I was Skypeing with one of my friends she mentioned that she had just gone to miracle ear Charlotte and got fitted with some hearing aids. I told her that I thought that sounded like a good idea and had been considering booking an appointment to do the same thing at miracle ear HOUSTON. That inspired me to get off my tail and actually do it, so I did.

About a week later I talked to another one of our friends who was on the football team with me and he said that he had just bought a hearing aid in PA where he lives.

I thought that it was funny that even though we live separately now, we still have the same mindset and are going through a lot of the same things.

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