Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who doesn't love cars?

Hitting two birds in one stone as they may say, like being cool in two ways; one by saving earth and two, by driving a hot car at the same time. I’ve heard of this latest Lexus GS 450h that uses turbodiesel which classified it as one of the modern cars nowadays. As I looked at it, turbodiesel offers higher specific power outputs, lower emissions levels, improved efficiency and higher refinement levels. I know there will be something that’s going to come out better than hybrids. This sounds to me saving money because of its low maintenance features.

But if you have a growing family as I do, getting more space in a car is definitely one in your wish list. I’m considering SUV’s and found this mitsubishi outlander. Most SUV’s has big space at the back but some has no real additional seating even just for little kids. For me its back is not really for people but more of a storage space. The outlander, however gives a small third row seat in back, suitable enough for my toddler. I believe this is more “roomy” than other SUVs I saw.

Talking about cars, have you seen the 2011 Super Bowl Audi commercial? That was funny, especially the Kenny G part. Here they prove that Audi was the only getaway from Luxury Prison. Telling people to get out of the traditional mind set of luxury cars. Old luxury is already boring. Look at the new Audi and see how luxury has progressed. As well as the 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe which is really an eye-catcher. Check it out.

Selecting the right car for you is easy when you know what you like and what you need most .

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