Sunday, May 4, 2008

What is it like to be a parent?

I'm so proud of my son, to a parent like me; I know you do understand what I’ve been going through. It's just like I'm so addicted to my son and one small achievement he makes can easily freak me out. I'm so blessed to have a child because many couples are still longing to have one and how I wish they can also experience the joy that it is giving to me. I believe, one of the struggles that a parent is having conflict with is giving quality time to his child. I think one way to know if you're spending enough time to your child is when you received some scratches and bites from him, of course, those are from your playtime; and when you notice that some of your acts/words are being copied by him. He can actually call me by saying "Daddy". For a 2-yr old, I think it's much better than other kids saying "Dada".. Just a thought. I always make sure that my son always gets the proper attention he deserves. When we cook, he is our priority in preparing our menu for the week. He always consumed vegetables in his meals. Not a single meal that he did not eat a vegetable in a day. In between meals, his snacks are fruits like apple, banana, raspberry, grapes, oranges, cantaloupe, grapefruit and etc. We always make fruits as part of our grocery. I'm giving his milk after his 1 to 2 hrs play outdoors, because he will be able to consume every single drop of the milk when I did that. His bath time is at noon. We also generously put Aveeno baby lotion all around his body to make sure his skin will not dry up considering the temperature here. He also takes Vit.C and multivitamins. At night time, he changes clothes after I clean his body with warm towel and put a night lotion again. We are also teaching him during the day, even if there are educational programs from our cable and educational toys / materials we bought for him, we still believe that the best way for him to learn is through us, his parents. I also registered him in a free class for infants and toddlers at campfield early childhood center I bring him in every Mondays and Wednesdays for an hour. I believe this will develop his social activity with other kids. You know what, you can also use in introducing to your kids the alphabet and numbers, just use the search field. I know I annoyed others by repeatedly asking them to check the vid clips of my son in YouTube ( I uploaded his videos in this site as I’m so proud to show the world what he can do. I think it’s normal for me to react this way because my son was the one who gives me a new reason to live and made my relationship to my wife stronger. He will always be the greatest treasure and blessing that God has given me.

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