Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Lorie

Dear Lorie,

This is to let you know that no words can explain the gratefulness I feel having you as the mother of my child. You always want the best for our son. You can make things happen just for his sake. Getting a job away from home is a sacrifice you did just to give him a good future. When he is sick, you’re always there by his side, nothing will hinder you to make sure he’ll get well, not even your nurse manager. You can see in our son’s eyes the happiness he’s having when you are around. You disregarded yourself of your own personal needs just to prioritize our son’s desires. Clarence can’t talk right now but if he could, I’m sure that he’ll thank you for everything you’ve done for him and for our family. You are such a great, great woman, a loving wife and mother. I want you to know that you are very much appreciated. No one can ever replace you in our family. There is no doubt that you deserve to be commended in mother’s special day. We love you so much Mommy. Please accept my gift to you for the unconditional love you have for us.

Loving you,
Daddy and Clarence

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