Saturday, October 18, 2008

A day out with Hershey

Having fun with friends is one of the great ways to fight stress. It's important to give yourself some time to enjoy and relax, that's for me is healthy especially when you are dealing with your terrible two's. We visited "Hershey's Chocolate World" in Pennsylvania and found out that it's not just a place where you can buy cheap chocolates but is also an amusement park. Mr. Milton S. Hershey is such an inspiration, he is a real proof that anything is possible if you believe. He was like others who started from nothing who didn't stop believing and succeed. Clarence had so much fun in some of the kiddie rides. I enjoyed it since seeing my son happy is an ultimate reward for me plus the fact that I didn't experience those kinds of rides when I was a kid. I learned so much, not only of knowing how chocolates were made but also the idea of how can I instill to my son the inspiration behind the park.

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