Sunday, October 19, 2008

Videos from Internet

Did you know that you can download videos from the internet? This is one way you can use to create another learning material for your kids. Be careful with the videos that you are downloading though, sometimes it contains bad images or wordings. I created a playlist of nursery rhymes and some of the episodes from a well-known children's show. This actually makes learning easier for my son. Alphabet song with colorful pictures and live children, Different kinds of animals with their natural sounds, Colors, Numbers and the likes. Kids can enjoy learning while having fun because of the cheerful songs that binds with the videos. You can save the playlist in your computer or burn it in a vcd. Whenever I need to do a household chore, I’ll open my playlist and let my son watch and learn from it. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. I can work with my chore while my son is being entertained by the videos. Here’s one way how you can download video; you need to install “real player” in your computer and in its setup, you have to choose the option for downloading videos from the internet. Once you’re done, try going to a site where you like to get videos (sites that share videos and allow people to do downloads, please respect copyrights). On the upper right corner of the video, a “real download button” will appear asking you if you want to get a copy of the video. Clicking it will save a copy in the “real player downloads” folder and library of the real player. It’s up to you on how you will create your playlist. My son started singing the alphabet song at the age of 2 and I think the videos had something to do with it.

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