Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Know who you are

Why is that there are people who always see themselves good as what they believed? You can tell these kinds of people by simply listening to them. They often use words like “I, me, my, mine” but seldom use “ours, you, or we”. If you’re lucky enough, you will hear them saying the latter words in blaming or accusing. Have you experienced an instance when you are with your friend, and you did something right or good that you consider rewarding in your part, and when you tried to tell to others how great you were, there is your friend who will get all the credits by saying he did it, I’m the one, If it’s weren’t for me, or It’s a good thing I did it! What a complete jackass! He didn’t even think that he can be heard by the rightful person of the honor. These kinds of people are the ones you need to avoid because in just simple things they can pull you down, without them even knowing it. I’m just wondering why they keep doing that. In my wife’s point of view, she’s thinking that they might just have high regards to their selves or it could also be a compensatory mechanism that may suffice what is lacking on them. By continuous practice of this kind of behavior, it will become a habit and little by little it will become part of their personality which is really hard to change. Or they might not really aware of their behavior, which made them inconsiderate to others, and this is one of the reasons I created this blog for them to realize their unacceptable attitude. I hope by any chance they’ll be able to read this. Who knows it could be you as well, if you feel somewhat guilty from the things written here..

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