Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why party?

Today, we went to Aidan's birthday party. We really had a great time. Clarence met some new friends and restlessly played with them. Food were all delicious, I had a lot actually. I went back to the table twice :) . Our efforts in buying Aidan’s gift paid off when we saw the excitement in his face. He even asked his mom to open it up after unwrapping it which he did not do with the other gifts. We really appreciate it because we perceived no trace of pretend in his actions. That’s what I like in kids, they’re telling their true feelings and not being hypocrite. I was also invited for a beer by the host’s brother-in-law which I refused at first for the reason that I will still need to drive home. In the Philippines, to maintain a harmonious relationship, we practice camaraderie, so I gave-in with his request plus the fact that I also like to drink some. I just had 2 bottles of beer. I know my limitation whenever I go out. We waited for almost 4 hours before leaving the party, I took coffee and soda just to wash away the beer (that’s only in my theoretical thinking :)). They even prepared take-home food for us which we openhandedly accepted, of course. The day was filled with friends. We’re really grateful for having people around us who value our presence in such special occasion. They are the likes of people who are worth praying for.

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