Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some things in this world are FREE

I was very disappointed when I found out that the Compaq laptop which is on sale at Wal-Mart has been sold out. Even if I went early at the store, I still didn’t get a chance to spot just a single piece of it on stock. That was the Christmas In-store Specials of Wal-Mart where they have limited stocks, only ten units available for each particular store branches. I could’ve got it for half of its original price (it was tagged at $298 on sale price). I envied those people who are checking out their new laptops. Well, maybe it’s not meant for me to get one, at least we saved money and Compaq is not really my brand. I think I’ll just wait for some other good deals that Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas may offer.

In facing today’s economic crisis, looking for best deals and bargains has definitely been included in our priority list. If you know how to use your resources, you won’t believe that there are still things you can get for free.

First, we searched for school that offers free classes for Clarence and we found the Judy Center housed in Campfield Early Childhood and Development Center. This will prepare Clarence for preschool. We attend classes 3 times a week and it’s all for free.

Second, we looked for Parks and Museums that has no admission fee and we all got it from this site, (Thanks to our good friend, Annette). They give schedules of some educational museums, musical theater, art exhibits and workshops. You will enjoy your family hang-out while learning and having fun, which makes it absolutely PRICELESS!

Third, we had been informed by our good friend, Karen about the wealth in earning grocery coupons. Some sites offered printable coupons that you can use in all stores actually. Like the,, and You may also buy Sunday paper that gives pages of coupons. You should also be aware of the “Double Coupon” policy of the grocery store. Like in Giant, they double your coupon when it’s worth $0.50. For example, you get a chance to learn that their toothpaste is on sale from $2 to $1. And your fortunate to have a $0.50 coupon of the same product, you’ll just say to the cashier that you want your coupon doubled, they will match the $0.50 coupon you have so it will give you a total of $1 coupon which will make the toothpaste free of charge. Huh! Was that really cool or what? Sometimes you just need for the product to be on sale to maximize the benefit of your coupons.

Fourth, we signed up to so that we will get email alerts of the bargains and on sale items that different stores offer. You will be informed ahead of time. Some stores give pre-blackfriday specials like the one I waited for Wal-Mart. They will tell you not only the sale for blackfriday but also for thanksgiving, Christmas and other extra offers that stores have.

At home, we replaced all lights with energy-saving fluorescents, we also loosen some of the bulbs/fluorescents that came in set like in chandeliers and bathroom vanity lights (from 6 to 2 fluorescents) . We made sure that lights were off in rooms that are not in used. It will save cost also if you will totally unplugged appliances that are not in constant use. We used jackets/sweaters and socks inside the house when the cool temperature is still tolerable, this is to keep the heater from use. Instead of the centralized heater, we’re using a portable one in our bedroom since that’s the only place we need warm in time of sleep.

I think finding ways like cost-cutting is an effective approach in fighting the crisis were facing today. I have proven that the phrase “Nothing in this world is FREE” totally wrong.

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