Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Kaput

I know this is late but I just want to share what kind of new year we had in here last New Year’s eve. In relation to my last blog, about being grumpy, I remember the old man living upstairs of our apartment, I’ll tell you the story about it. I don't know if most people here are not really into Christmas or New Year celebrations because as I observed, they are not really giving much attention to it. Thanksgiving is what they valued most. It's very unlikely in the Philippines, our home town. During these times of the year, families and friends are getting together, workers and students are having their Christmas breaks to celebrate with their loved ones. Food is always present both in Christmas and New Year’s eves. This is not just for the family to enjoy but also to symbolize abundance for the coming New Year. Firecrackers, some great fireworks, and loud music from radio will be heard when 12:00am of the 31st of December approaches. When I was a kid, I used my coin bank and torotot (toy trumpet or horn) in creating noise. It's really loud during New Year ’s Eve in the Philippines, everywhere you go, your ears will not find rest. You can't even hear your own voice because of all the loudness around you. They say that the loud noise will make bad spirits go away and leave along with the old year. We really missed the joy and gladness the season brings in the Philippines. Who said that we can’t bring it here? You will see in our video how happy we were, I put on a little loud music in my computer to give the New Year a spirited welcome. My speaker has its own woofer that’s why you can really feel how lively the music was. That was the very first time I did a loud music (just a little loud actually), I believe it won’t hurt since it’s New Year anyways. But I’m so wrong! Not more than 30 minutes, Mr. Grumpy Old Man from upstairs knocked on our door and said, “Would you mind turning down your radio, it’s really annoying up there!” Eventually, I already turned it off even before he asked for it because we’re about to say our prayer, I said “Oh, I’m so sorry, we already had it off”, he replied, don’t be sorry just turn it down” with a commanding voice like a father to a kid. I’m tempting to say, “By the way, Happy New Year!!” but he already went upstairs. Geez! I thought, it’s just one night and that was my very first time to have the music on! And there’s actually a reason for that music, so inconsiderate!!! It ruined the joy of the night. It made us feel that we did something wrong. My wife said that we should not let that incident affect our happiness. We ended up watching TV while enjoying our food. I wish and pray that Mr. Grumpy will find happiness in his heart so that he will not be so difficult to deal on, having him as a neighbor. Happy New Year to all!!!

new year 2009 - ezekiel

By the way, I found great music playlists from How about you? What kind of music do you prefer?

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