Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Little Big Secret

I can’t get weary watching all my son’s pictures and videos. Every night, I play them over and over again. It’s worth watching and spending my sleep time since it gives me a sense of relaxation. As I go over it, there was one time I videotaped the two of us learning some letters from the alphabet. In myself, I'm sort of feeling proud for all the things I've taught him in his early age. As I can recall, I think that was 2 months ago, the winter hits us with colds and cough and I had to bring my wife in Patient’s First. That’s also the time we already taught our son about sizes, big and little. He can easily verify if what he sees belongs to a big group or to a little group. Like Big “A” (upper case A) to little “a” (lower case a) or an elephant to an ant. You may ask, what’s the connection? This is how it goes.. when we arrived at Patient’s First, we had to wait for our turn for there were so many sick people who registered before us. I decided to go outside just by the door with my son to keep him away from getting germs inside. My son was so friendly then, he greeted ‘hi’ to everyone who goes in and out of the door. Until there’s a woman who I believed has a weight of between 240-250 lbs approaching the door, my son who saw her afar, pointed his finger like he’s identifying something specific and told me repeatedly, “Big!... Big!... Big!” My eyes got bigger! I don’t know what to do, I didn’t know that he will use those words to people. As the woman gets closer to us, I tried to distract him and divert his attention to something else. I was so worried that the woman might hear him. Quickly, me, not used to do it, opened the door for her to let her in, in as fast as she could possibly be. I almost wanted to push her in, I just said “good morning” to supersede my son’s talk. After that, I took a long breath, whew! I tried to explain to my son that what he did was not a nice thing to do. I can’t blame him, he's innocent about it since he’s just telling what he learned. I might somewhat confused him though, because I did not tell him my praise “Good Job!” that time as what I always do whenever he’s right in identifying big and little things he pointed.. haha I wonder what reaction would the woman be if I did that. From there on, we're careful on the things we teach him, there's always an exception.

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Michelle said...

What a sweet and funny story. Kids just don't know any better when it comes to situations like this. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my place.