Friday, June 26, 2009

My child can read

We started teaching Clarence to read 3 letter words since he already mastered how each letter of the alphabet sounds. I always put in videos every achievement he has for us to have our own record. Like in this video I intentionally indicated when we started teaching him to read and that was a month before his 3rd birthday. This will keep me on track with his growth development. I enjoy watching all his videos without asking myself how old he was during that time and when was the time he learned those things. At the age of 3 he can now read some of the 3 letter words we introduced to him. Though he’s still struggling on some but I think it’s because of me for being so impatient in teaching him on a regular basis, plus the fact that he sometimes doesn’t cooperate with me. I tried in as hard as I can to make our sessions a fun time for him but sometimes we are ending up either playing or fighting. I’m using some flash cards, cardboard word puzzles and the internet. This website really helps us a lot in making him interested in reading. Check this out > (website recommended by Ms. Peggi Kelly, one of Clarence's wonderful playgroup teachers)

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gab's mom said...

naku al!!

ang galing. nakakaproud talaga si clarence!!! :-)

i'm a proud ninang!!! ahahahaha.