Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Artist in Each of Us

I know that each of us has his own artist in ourself. Hidden or used, it will still stand out when needed. In our own special way we can express more of ourselves by making the little artist in us to work. I took this literally by doing a sketch of my son. I’m so addicted to him that made me spent time in drawing him on a piece of bond paper using a regular and cheap pencil that we got from a birthday give-aways. I don’t care if I really didn’t know how to draw but the thing is, I did it out of love. I want to get all the details in my son’s face; his eyes, his nose, his lips… I believe that I was able to draw him for I knew him very well even if my eyes are closed. I know the feel of his tiny lips because he always gives me kisses. I know how he smiles because we always play together. Whether the drawing is perfect or not, it doesn’t matter as long as the thought of having time in thinking, preparing and doing it for my son was there will be more than enough. The important thing is I enjoyed what I did and I’m proud of it, well, who would mind? I’m not a pro, I’m just a typical father who will give the littlest (if there is) talent I could give for my son. Being an artist is nature in all of us, whether it’s in music, poetry or painting. Why don’t you try being an artist for a moment and share it with your loved ones.


Lisa said...

Good job! I wish I have the talent like yours...

eva said...

galing mo naman magdraw. kakainspire talaga ang anak.