Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good News!

Last night was not an ordinary night for me and my family because it was the night we believed God has prepared for us. It was a glorious celebration when we have been baptized once again as Catholics or should I say Christian Catholics, receiving divine gifts from God and the wisdom and knowledge from the Holy Spirit. Many might raise their eyebrows or do their prejudices and might consider us fools, I can’t blame them, they have their own opinions and beliefs but for us, it didn’t bother a thing since we are here to please no one but God. We are willing to be Fools if that will mean serving our Creator. We are all servants of the Lord. You know what? It felt really great, an indescribable feeling. The very first time I, myself can’t believe that it’s all happening to me. I think that’s why there is a name called Heaven when you really felt that you are talking with Jesus alone, one on one with extreme happiness. It’s very uplifting. Everything will stop but your heartbeat. You will see that the world is so little compared to the greatness of God. Being considered and accepted as one important human being not only in our group but in the whole world. I believed that I suddenly found my purpose. They made me enter in one silent room after a long meditation of prayers and praises, the 3 of our Christian leaders reassured to me that I have the power to talk with Jesus in my own will, my own prayer, my own belief and strength, and you know what, I did! While I’m doing it, with all their pray-over’s, I didn’t notice that so much tear drops are rolling down my cheeks, a moment I promised myself that will never happen, that I will have to cry. I didn’t feel any embarrassment or pride. All I know was I felt new and cleansed. This is what I’ve been longing for, a life that is free of guilt, has peace of mind and true happiness. And that all happened when I surrendered myself to Jesus.

Many might be asking, especially to those who really knew me, how did it happen? Well it happened when everything seems falling in their proper places, I did not exert much effort but it just happened right before our own eyes. Even before we got here in US, my wife and I have been looking for our place to be with God. We tried different Christian groups in the Philippines, each one is great but the problem still lied within us. We always find a reason not to maintain it. It’s like a roller coaster ride, one time, we will be there but most times we’re not. Here in US, it took us 2 years before we got to know that there’s a Christian Life Program pillared by Filipinos like us. Our constant problem of not being in the church every Sundays has been solved when we joined this program. Here how it goes. One Sunday, actually it’s an Easter Sunday, I told myself to attend the mass not at the usual church we go to but in Sacred Heart Jesus church with two goals in mind. First to have my catholic obligation be done and second to see the Sacred Heart private school I’m considering for my son’s preschool. As usual, I wasn’t able to finish the mass since Clarence is so impatient inside the church disturbing everybody by screaming and making lots of noises. I decided to go out and just pray a little. I felt a little guilt because I got really mad at my son and thought of making it up on him by going to the nearest play park. When we were in the park, someone asked me to which chapter I belong? I didn’t get it because I have no idea that there will be a group of people having an Easter celebration on that place and on that very instant. I believed God has proven His power once again by bringing us all together in one place and in one time. Everything has really a purpose; my son’s mischief that I thought was unreasonable was actually the way for us to be driven towards Him. The man who approached me introduced us to the group whom I’ve heard a lot of times before, it’s the Couples for Christ or CFC. I asked if they could still fit us in and they are very welcoming in accepting us to be a part of their group without any questions at all. The funny part is, the venue of our meetings are regularly held at Sacred Heart of Jesus church, I didn't need to look for it since I was able to searched for it before in finding a good school for Clarence. Last night was our 9th talk and done with baptism. Who can tell that a shy person like me, who can’t talk in front of many people, is now sharing my life experiences with God to other people in our every session. To God be the Glory! To Jesus we commit ourselves and everything in us.

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