Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Clarence's Prayer

I know this is kind'a late but i forgot to post a blog about Clarence 3rd birthday last April 18th. When I'm browsing his videos in my computer, I can't help noticing his cute little prayer before we cut his cake and I can't wait to share it with you all. It was a simple celebration but done with so much love and laughter. Some of our friends gave us a visit after his birthday since we cannot accomodate them on the exact date of Clarence's birthday because Lorie has to attend her night duty then, well that's the bit sad part of it. But the important thing is we know Clarence didn't ask for more than we could offer him. We would like him to get the idea of being happy on what he has. To live simple with contentment in his heart. I believe every child has that character, they are so innocent and shallow. Check out his cute little prayer.

(on 18th when clarence bday, his mom has to go to work, so we just had cake, on the 21st we were able to celebrate it with some friends.)

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eva said...

wow! nakakatouch naman. i hope maging kagaya din ng baby boy ko si clarence. =)