Monday, June 29, 2009

Run, Jump and Make Noise! But do not Sin...

This is what our last speaker advised us to do when things seems going wrong and trying to put us back in our same old negative situation. Well, I think it worked. When I feel mad, I just kind of letting it go by going away first till I calm down. I chose to go to the duck pond near our place and feel the beauty of the nature that God has offered to us. In that way I can feel closer to God and share to Him my pains. After that I feel relieved and realized things I should’ve better known. It’s like an outlet for me in letting go of the stress that I shouldn’t be carrying. A good outlet since it makes my relationship to God stronger. And in these days, it’s better to lift your problems to God rather than to other people as I believed that there are just two whom you can trust; God and Yourself. Other people might listen and show that they care but you will never know if what you shared will be kept confidential, they can tell your life to anybody intentionally or not, either for a good reason or bad. The point here is to divert your attention to something else rather than committing a sin. Don’t let the devil win you and control your actions. If you were to choose what would it be? Peace of mind or guilt, Happiness or loneliness, Love or hatred? Run somewhere else, Jump as high as you can and make noise till it overpowers the chance of committing a sin. This is just my two cents. ;>

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