Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm a Houseband

Houseband. There's a big misconception on this term. Always used as a joke since it is depicted from the word Husband. Some used it to mock men who don’t work in the corporate world. Those who are just staying at home. Husbands who are taking care of the household chores and children. Well, that’s how the narrow-minded people think. Houseband has a deeper meaning. After hearing Pastor Joel Osteen said about this term, I can proudly say that I’m definitely a Houseband. Please have time to watch this video about commitment in marriage. I’m 100% sure you will be enlighten to the importance of your role in your spouse and child.

Pastor Joel Osteen on marriage, commitment, relationships, taking care of your family, raising your children, and other wise words.
Whether or not you're Christian, Joel Osteen's on-point with this.
10 minutes for the rest of your life.


gab's mom said...

i agree that people who use the term to mock men who are staying at home to attend to the household matters ARE NARROW MINDED.

as a mom, i can say that it's not an easy thing for dads to be in our place.

i have high regard to those dads. not all dad can be as dedicated and patient as housebands.

eva said...

staying at home and doing all the chores is a big responsibility. and i have high respect to them, houseband/housewife.