Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Terrible Two's

It's what you think that made things happen for you. if you were cautioned by people to wait till your child reaches the age of 2 because that’s when the child becomes a headache to parents, or so as they had called it Terrible Two’s, then the choice is really yours. It’s either you expect things to happen as what these people had set in your mind or you believe in to your own capacity as a parent. It’s better to expect good things than bad about our child. You are the only one who knows your child; other people can’t tell what your child really is capable of. I can say that those are the kinds of people who pretend they know everything. I’d rather set my mind that 2 year olds belong to Terrific Two’s than to what they harshly called it as Terrible. It is what you believe that make things possible. This is my son when he 'was' two years old...

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gab's mom said...

i agree!!!!

gab is turning 2 soon, but he is not terrible. ;-)

he's charming and sweet. it really depends on how you teach and hone the skills. when you believe your kid will be the best that he can be and work hard to reach that belief... it will happen. :-)

Rej said...

ang cute. father and son bonding. :)

yeah. it is very important that parents believe in the goodness of their child. when parents do, children are more likely to grow with confidence and good values.