Sunday, July 12, 2009

Your Blog Makes Us Smile Award

I felt so special when my friend Dulce gave me this award though I wasn't able to grab it right away. I don't know what to say or how to thank her in a very special way. For me, preparing a very good post entry for this must be done since she included me in her awardees even though there’s a lot of blogs that she can pick. I really appreciate it! Knowing that my blog can put a smile on my readers is totally rewarding in my part. I hope that I can continue touching people’s heart through this blog. And to my friend, Dulce I thank you so much. I’m inviting my readers to check on her blog too, she has a lot to share.

Now, It’s time for me to share this award to those I know who deserves to get it. These are the people who really put smile on my face whenever I drop by on their blogs. And the awardees are:

Sunny for his blog, filthy room

Zeb for his blog, a blog’s life

And Sherlie for her blog, sherliez

And of course Dulce’s blog,

Full Time Mom

which always makes me smile too.


sunny said...

hi there! whoa! many thanks for this award buddy! i'll grab it soon! yep im pretty busy ngayon,hehehehe! take gud care bud and regards to your wifey and lil man!

eugene said...

where is my award,,,,hahahahah. when can you give it to me.hahahah..

nice to be here

zeb said...

hala hala hala hal niceeeeeeeeee, i will grab it na. ngaunlang kasi ako nag open ng blog ko uli busy sa work.
sana magkaron din ako ng family ng katulad ng family mo it seems that you really have a great family.

ezekiel13 said...

Eugene hehe.. you are most welcome to get the award hehe.. But I can't put your name in the list yet because people might think that I just did it because you asked for it hahaha... But surely, Your blog also makes me smile whenever I visit it!!! the last entry (about the dying man) you posted made me think so much!!!
Sunny and Zeb, take it easy bro!!! You can't finish everything in your work hehe, don't let the work finished you... enjoy life!!!!