Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Singing is Praying Twice

Singing is praying. When one sings one prays twice - so said the great Saint Augustine. While singing in the front of the Lord, we are in touch with the deepest center of our heart. Whatever moves there, comes out before our Creator as a loving offering to Him. The emotions of joy, grief, anger and frustration pour out in the presence of the Lord in loving trust and total self-surrender.

Singing together is praying together - brothers and sisters in deep communion with each other in the overflowing love of God. Praising God in song draws down double graces too.

Singing right doesn't exclude off-tuned singers. It is when you sing with all your heart and soul as an offering to God Almighty. Before, I sing quietly in church because I know that I’m one of the off-tuned people who can’t raise a note. Funny because I do that just not to look stupid, but I realized it does made me look more stupid when there’s a crowd singing then there I am, showing how much shy to sing. It’s different now, if you know that you are singing as a family with the same objective, you’ll not feel any awkwardness. You can shout without anyone noticing you. I found myself singing so loud whenever we give worship and praises to the Lord. Why don’t you try these songs below. Don Moen is one of our favorites.



Rej said...

yes, its really amazing when you sing song of praises. It's very relieving. And when you do this with others no one actually minds your tune. its the message that really matters. there is unity among everyone.

SEAQUEST said...

yes, i agreed...Godbless you more..

gab's mom said...

Don Moen is also one of my favorites!!!!!

I love his worships! ;-)

"i wanna be where you are.. dwelling in your presence... feasting at your table... surrounded by your glory... in your presence... that's where I always want to be... i just want to be... i just want to be with you...."

i just can't help closing my eyes in worship every time i play his DVD. it was a gift i bought for myself years back. ;-)

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